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Wisconsin Wolfpack Take On the Marion Mayhem Tonight in CIFL Action at the Hartmeyer Ice Arena in Madison

Wisconsin Cheerleader

The beautiful Wild Things Dance Team will be performing tonight at Hartmeyer Ice Arena in Madison, Wisconsin.

MinoltaMan - 4-24-2010

Hundreds of Beautiful Stock Fireworks Photos Available In Our Special Section!

Stock fireworks photo

Stock fireworks images

stock fireworks photograph

Get your stock fireworks photos today! Take a look at our special gallery of stock fireworks images we have available this season! As always we provide high quality stock photography at rock bottom prices and this year's special Fourth of July stock firework images are no exception. Please click here to be taken to the special gallery area of our site to view these excellent fireworks collections.

Thank you and enjoy!


Do Not Miss the Amazing Beauty of Rain Stock Image Gallery!!

Do not miss the very popular always amazing Beauty of Rain stock image gallery by Don Northup. This gallery is filled with hundreds of photos of one of Mother Nature's most basic wonder!

Click here to enter the Beauty of Rain stock image gallery.


Check Out the Amazing Kerri Jane Rocking Ribfest in Machesney Park!

Do you like concert photos? Do you like night concert photos? Then you must check out these amazing photos of Kerri "Jane" performing at Ribfest in Machesney Park, Illinois. This hot rocker is amazing!

Click here to view  Kerri "Jane" rocking at  Ribfest.

Click here to view all of MinoltaMan's  Fabulous Janes image galleries.

-Don P Northup

Second 100 Year Flood Hits Rockford in 11 Months! Keith Creek Goes Mad and Consumes My SE Side Neighborhood Again!

Click here to view over 100 images taken during the September 4, 2006 storm and flash flood in Rockford, Illinois. Keith Creek flooded my neighborhood quickly and large chunks of this part of town were consumed by the floodwaters.

Click here to view a dozen or so images taken many hours after the August 7, 2007 Keith Creek flood in Rockford, Illinois. The exact same neighborhoods flooded again as Keith Creek was no match for the heavy overnight rains.

-Don P. Northup 8-7-2007

Warrior Ultimate Picture Pack - 3730 Stock Images Just $17

warrior ultimate picture pack

How to Take Better Photos with Your Phone

You don't need an expensive DSLR or even a point and shoot camera when you want to take great photos on the go. All you'll ever need is a great camera phone such as a Nokia Lumia 920 or a Google Nexus 4. But in order to capture that perfect shot you need some basic photography know-how that doesn't really require technical skills. Of course, cleaning your lens and standing still or keeping a steady hand can obviously affect the quality of your photos but these should already be common knowledge.

Utilizing your flash can also be an option but only use it when necessary. When you're outdoors you can use natural lighting which can work best especially if it's an early morning sun or a mid afternoon light. Playing games are known to enhance your visual acuity and your multitasking skills that can be very beneficial to photography. You can also meet new friends and fellow photographers who are also players with the online community in Pocket Fruity. Aside from playing games with your phone, you can also practice your photography skills with great camera apps available on Google Play and iTunes.

After you take photos, don't be overwhelmed when it's time to edit those shots. It's actually great that you take a lot of photos so that you have a lot of options to choose from and filter out that one great shot. There are plenty of photo editing apps that you can download for your phone such as Camera+, Snapseed, and Vscocam. Finally, ask for permission if you're taking photos of the local scenery or some street photos if it involves people. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Practice makes perfect after all and if all else fails, there's always Instagram.

GOP Candidate Rick Santorum's Campaign Speech From Shadow of Ronald Reagan Statue in Dixon, Illinois
Rick Santorum rallies supporters in front of the Ronald Reagan statue in Dixon, Illinois.
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum delivers his conservative message standing in front of the Reagan statue in Dixon, Illinois.

Senator Rick Santorom conservative candidate for president of the United States.
Rick Santorum delivers a passionate plea to supporters in Dixon, Illinois. Senator Santorum is a tough fight with Mitt Romney for the 2012 GOP nomination.

Rick Santorum Sign
A Rick Santorum supporter holds a sign high above his head at a campaign Rally in Dixon, Illinois on March, 19th 2012. Santorum delivered a speech
to his supporters directly in front of the Ronald Reagan statue on the Dixon waterfront.

Rick Santorum in Dixon, Illinois holds the United States Constitution.

Rick Santorum holds the United States Constitution as he delivers a strong conservative speech in Ronald Reagan's boyhood town.

Media circus in Dixon, Illinois at Ronald Reagan's statue.
Rick Santorum may have been the first candidate to visit Ronald Reagan's birthplace since Reagan himself did decades ago. The Santorum campaign drew a ton of media in a crowd close to one thousand in Dixon, Illinois. Santorum delivered his noon time speech after a short drive from Rockford, Illinois where he had delivered a speech to hundreds earlier in the morning. More photos from this Dixon event, as well as Rick Santorum 2012 election information can be found at this Rick Santorum support site.
read more

Sexy Cheerleader and Dance Photos

Sexy dancer.

Check out some of the finest arena and indoor football dancers to ever be photographed on the turf over at! I have been covering professional football since 2006 and have tried to make sure that the Rock River Football is one of the best area or indoor football sites on the planet. Did I say indoor football site? I meant sexiest cheerleader and dance site on the planet! ;~) No since wasting any more time so feel free to check out these galleries of sweet cheerleading and dance pictures now! See you there!

-Don P. Northup

Illinois Photo Server Upgrade Complete

We are pleased to report the new hardware has been installed and our data has been successfully migrated to the new web server without issue. This work was completed by our administrators in very short order as Illinois Photo and our sister sites came back online before midnight on Sunday evening! Hats off to the IP administrators over at the datacenter for getting us back up in just a few short hours! Bravo!

-MinoltaMan (10-2-2011) 12:44AM

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